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With the increased importance of due process in the procurement of the right specifications,
Selecting the right contractors/suppliers, and achieving performance expectations, the public
sector is faced with a renewed call for greater efficiency in Public Procurement. Thus, increasingly
Public Procurement processes and management are now being regarded as the panacea
that guarantees efficient utilisation of taxpayers’ funds, improving public sector purchasing
capabilities and ensuring the delivery of full value for public spending.
There is an overwhelming evidence to suggest that there is a huge gap between the available
skills/competencies and the requirements for effective public procurement practices. It is
therefore, the objective of this course to infuse cutting edge and best-in-class skills required of
public servants in various procurement, contracting and managerial cadres.


The aim of this course is to provide participants with the essential skills and fundamental
knowledge required for the effective management of public procurement processes, and invariably,
contract management. It is aimed at building the capabilities of public sector professionals
with best practices in procurement, contracting, supplier management and stakeholder
relationship management.


By the end of the course, participants would have acquired the fundamental knowledge and
deep understanding of;

• Necessary procedures on procurement of works, suppliers and services in line with public
procurement guidelines and regulations.
• Best practices in conducting government tendering and supplier selection.
• How to achieve value for money through negotiation, contract reviews and supplier management.
• Methods of developing procurement plan and risk management frameworks.
• How to conduct formal procurement project audit/assessments.
• Tactics of conducting effective contract performance and quality monitoring schemes for
government projects, Strategies of Managing risks, disputes and potential conflicts in the
procurement and contracting processes.


Procurement officers and members of Tenders’ Board (Federal, State and Local government),
Public Finance and Account Officers, Budget and Planning Officers, Contract Managers, Public
Project Consultants, Project Managers, Civil Society Advocates, Auditors amongst others.

DAY 1:

Morning Session

  • Introduction to Public Procurement: Its Scope and Importance

Engr Emeka Ezeh, Director General, Bureau of Public Procurement

  • The Bureau of Public Procurement: Background, Impact and Prospects

Engr Emeka Ezeh, Director General, Bureau of Public Procurement

Afternoon Session

  • Public Private Partnership: Procurement Issues and Challenges

Mr Chidi Izuwah, Executive Director, PPP Resource Centre, Infrastructure Concession and

Regulatory Commission (ICRC)



Morning Session

  • An Outsider’s View of Public Procurement in Nigeria

Mr Paschal Egwim, Former General Manager, Procurement, Shell Producing and Development Company, currently Procurement Consultant

Afternoon Session

  • Fighting Corruption with Effective Procurement Legal Framework

Mr Wahab Olatoye, Esq., Procurement Law Consultant/Managing Partner, Wahab Toye & Co


DAY 3:

Morning Session

  • Integrity in Public Procurement: Lessons From Other Countries

Chief Bayo Awosemusi, Lead Procurement Specialist, World Bank Country Office, Abuja

Afternoon Session

  • Staying Alive: Stress Management and Wellness for Optimal Performance

Dr Ifeoma  Sylvester-Monye, Chief Consultant Family Physician, National Hospital, Abuja and Lifestyle Medicine Ambassador


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